Weaponcrafting is in tons of games, from first person shooters to third person shooters, but never to this much of an extent. In Loadout choose from "billions" of combinations to create a weapon of your stature and play-style! To start off the weapon crafting process, choose your particular chassis. At this point in time, the four chassis are Rifles, Launchers, Pulse, and Beams. Rifles are the average "run-of-the-mill" assault rifle, but with the help of other parts in the weapon crafting system can be made into much more. Next, launchers start off as a regular rocket launcher but can be made into remote-controlled launchers, in which you move your mouse or controller to move the direction and speed of your projectile. Pulse is a rifle with a projectile of sorts, and lastly beam is a weak chassis, but with an unlimited range and perfect aim. Once you choose your specific chassis, you can go to stocks, to triggers, to magazines, to scopes, to payload, to barrel. Your imagination is the limit!

Weaponcrafting with Beefy ep

Weaponcrafting with Beefy ep.1